Sedation can be very useful if:

  • you don’t want to be aware of what’s happening during a procedure and you want to be “out of it”. In this case, IV sedation is the method of choice
  • you want a little help to relax – “laughing gas” can give you a pleasant relaxed feeling
  • you have a “gut feeling” that sedation would help you and allow you to get work done which otherwise you wouldn’t be able to tolerate
  • your fear is procedure-specific (e. g. needles, extractions), especially if you know that the fear would still exist in the presence of an empathetic dentist and adequate pain-control
  • you perceive your fears to be completely irrational and not helped by either an empathetic dentist or psychological techniques
  • you have other mental health problems and you feel you’d benefit from sedation
  • your primary aim is “to get your teeth fixed” as quickly as possible, for example because you’re very busy or you’ve got an important social event coming up
  • it’s an invasive or unpleasant procedure such as more complex extractions


The case for sedation can be summed up in one sentence: “If it helps, why not?” If you’re going to have a treatment that will not be painful, but might be uncomfortable, why not consider having sedation as part of the course and forget that it ever even happened?

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